Friday, April 9, 2010

Us lately....

Here are some recent pictures of the GROWING boys! Levi
is crawling!! and sitting up on his own at 7 months! He is eating more and more foods like pieces of fruit, bread, Cheerios and of course his fav sweet potatoes! Ethan freaks out when I'm feeding Levi his sweet potatoes b/c he thinks it's totally disgusting and cannot bear the sight of it going into his mouth, yea, i am still working on getting him to eat his vegetables. I seriously envy mom's out there who's children eat all their vegetables.
Ethan is extremely smart. and does not miss a beat. ...girls have boobs... he says to me... that makes them pretty. I was taken a little off guard. HE IS ONLY 3! little bugger..... but yea, he can get away with murder he is so dang cute.
I love love love being a stay at home mom. Above is a preview of our photo session a DeVries studio last week! I can't wait to get them all back, they turned out awesome! Oh and next week Bill goes down to only part time school!
A few of the growing boys:

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Ryan, Kim, Madisyn, Austin, Hudson, Griffin said...

Love that pic of the 4 of you! Too cute!