Wednesday, February 25, 2009


One of my friends had this poem on her blog, and i just wanted to share it.... Alot of times i find myself at the end of the day wishing that i had spent more time with Ethan, Sounds silly because i am home with him all day, but actually spending time with him, like playing trucks with him and talking to him, instead of putting a movie on so i can do the laundry. I get wraped up in wanting my house to be perfectly clean! and alot of times ignoring Ethan to finish the chores. But does that stuff really matter? The floor is going to get dirty again, and the laundry is never going to go away, but i will never get this time with my children back! And at the end of the day, what really matters?

If I live in a house of spotless beauty with everything in its place, but have not Love, I am a housekeeper—not a homemaker.
If I have time for waxing, polishing, and decorative achievements, but have not Love, my children learn cleanliness—not godliness.
Love leaves the dust in search of a child’s laugh. Love smiles at the tiny fingerprints on a newly cleaned window. Love wipes away the tears before it wipes upthe spilled milk. Love picks up the child before it picks up the toys.
Love is present through the trials.Love reprimands, reproves, and is responsive.Love crawls with the baby, walks with the toddler, runs with the child, then stands aside to let the youth walk into adulthood.
Love is the key that opens salvation’s messageto a child’s heart.
Before I became a mother I took glory in my house of perfection. Now I glory in God’s perfection of my child. As a mother, there is much I must teach my child, but the greatest of all is Love.

Author Unknown

Thursday, February 19, 2009

my 13 week photo...obviously! I felt the little peanut already too! Just little flutters! It is the coolest feeling!!

Ethan and Malachi at dance class trying on their tuxes for the upcoming program in may! I can't wait to see my little guy up on stage in his tux, he was SO cute!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I can't stop thinking about cpl Mendoza, One of our good friends that was killed in Afganistan recently. Bill was suppose to be with 2/7 on this tour with matt, I just cannot imagine the pain! His 4 year old son, and his wife! I am increadibly thankful that my baby is home, and safe! No more sleepless nights, and months without hearing from him. Not knowing where he is, or what he is doing. No more wondering if he will come home! no more goodbyes, and tears, waiting weeks for a letter, just to hear the works " i love you".
He is home, and he is safe! Thank you Lord for bringing my baby home to me! I will never take him for granted!


This weather makes me SO happy! After church we grilled chicken outside on the grill! It felt like spring! I wanted to put on my flip flops and t-shirt! I kinda miss living in 29 palms!, it was so warm all the time! But i would much rather be close to family, as much as i don't like this cold weather i really don't think we will ever leave michigan! hmmm ok i am bored.... can you tell? We are skipping church tonight because i am too tired (; hah SHHH

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ethan's first reaction to "the baby in mommies tummy"

Lately i have been telling Ethan that there is a baby in mommy's tummy. I don't think he quite understands that there is really a baby in there, but his first reaction with this confused look on his face he says "EEWWWW"!!! totally hillarious. I about died laughing! The other day Ethan and i were once again talking about the new baby coming, and how he will have to help mommy and shre his toys, So he pats my belly and says in the sweetest little voice " Hi Baby" I melted it was so sweet!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super bowl partay!

Last night we went to a super bowl party with our friends, us girls ate way too much food....and talked the whole time.... we didn't know who was playing, or who won! haha

Snowmobiling up north

Ethan warming up after a long snomobile ride

Ethan and daddy fixing fixin the kitty cat before a ride!