Thursday, August 20, 2009

Levi James De Young

At 12:29 this morning, Levi James De Young was born at 7 pounds 9 ounces and 20" long.
Thank you all for your prayers, it is such a blessing to finally meet Levi and for him to be so heallty. We will keep you updated, but here are a few pictures for now.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tim's tub!

Tim is a very close friend of ours born with brittle bone disease, he is an amazing 13 year old kid that has been through so much pain in his life. Please check out his blog! and come to his 'Tub fundraiser' at the Soft Spot in Borculo to get some Ice cream, do some line dancing and meet Tim!!! August 25th 5-10pm!!!!!

August update

Lately, i am going totally CRAZY and so ready to have this baby! And i think the most annoying thing that people do is ask me where the baby is! or "whens that baby coming"? I don't know why, but it seriously gets to me! ha ha I think most woman in the last few weeks of pregnancy feel the same way. I know that God's timing is perfect, i am just getting so impatient!
Here's a few pics of Ethan and the house progress. the basement is framed in! I absolutely cannot wait to move into the house, there are so many kids on our street for the boys to play with, and 5 BABY BOYS born this summer on our street! lots of friends for Levi!
Anyways, things are busy over here, Bill is still trucking away at school, he is already starting his 3rd year! It is going to be hard with a new baby and school this fall with bill's classes... (visual basic comp. programming, data mining, and UNIX operating systems) I will just have take all the help i can from both mom's! God has definitely blessed us with awesome families! I don't know how my husband does it, work full time at go to school full time. and yet he makes time to play with Ethan and spend time with me! He is truly amazing.
Ethan and mommy on a date to Zealand bakery, Ethan eating his frog cookie...actually he just ate the green frosting off the top! mommy ate the rest (:
my little monkey....
House progress...

view from the back. basement and kitchen on the right...

Ethan met his new neighbor friend brooklyn, they played in the dirt together at the lot and got absoloutly filthy!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Let's have Puleeeese!!!!!

Thursday morning at 3:30 i started having contractions every 2-5 minutes apart, so i called the nurse on call after it had been about an hour and a half. she told me after 2 hours of these contractions to come on it to the hospital... So at 5:30 we called my mom to come over and stay with ethan while we go in.... When we got there my contractions started dying down....of course, right! I was still having small ones, but not enough to dialate my cervix. i was still at 2 cm and 70%...... so after 3 hours at the hospital i was sent home because i wasn't progressing.... since then i have had contractions here and there, but nothing huge, they come and go. Now it's just a waiting game.... and i am going CRAZY! The nurse said because i was 37 weeks when i came in they wouldn't try to stop contractions like they would at 36 weeks, but they wouldn't break my water until i am 38 weeks. haha I am afraid to go in again only to be sent home!
anyways, everything is ready, and i am doing fine, just uncomfortable and very impatient!