Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ethan and his daddy.....

My baby and i

Camping in Petoskey with our friends over labor day. As you can see in the background is our very large tent, and the excursion with a top and back rack to hold all of our supplies!

Ethan is two!!

My little baby is already two!! He had his birthday party at Crazy bounce this year! He has a blast running around going down the slides and playing balls with Issy. (Issy is the little girl i take care of during the week) He got some awesome presents, and gramma made him a cake! I cannot believe how fast that little stinker is growing, part of me wants to make him little tiny again so i can just cuddle with him all day! But he is such a blast starting to talk and running around the room destroying things! He gets into everything!!! He even flushed my new cell phone down the toilet! HAHA i couldn't help but laugh. Now he got his own phone for his birthday, This one wont fit down the toilet! Phew!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ethan's first words!

I can't believe Ethan will be turning 2 next week! He is just starting to say a few words. The other day he looked up at a helicopter overhead in the sky and clear as a bell said "hellicopter" !! aside from Mama and Da-da, He has been saying sentences! today he said "duck season" After watching Looney Toones!