Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I absoloutly LOOOOVE spring! Today is beautiful. the windows open with the birds singing. mmmm awesome.....
Levi is MOBILE! In a minutes time i had walked away to get something, and when i got back this is where i found him. (first pic) He is obsessed with power cords too. Ethan was the same way! I cannot take my eyes off the little bugger! He knows when i leave the room too. haha love that naughty little stinker. I posted a few more pictures of things we've been doing. Bill and i went on a date last weekend...bek's soccer game and just getting things ready to start LANDSCAPING and seeding the GRASS! We went to pick out boulders and steppers at the allegan gravel pit last week and had cement patio poured under the back deck. last but certainly not least GUTTERS put in.( no more neighbors almost killing themselves on the ice skating rink at the front door!)
It's going to be alot of hard work this summer, but we plan to do the rest on our own. it will probably only be a few bushes and trees to start!
A few weeks back we spent the day out at great grandpa and grandma's farm. (last 2 pics) Ethan LOVED the tractor ride with "grandpa grandpa"!

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