Friday, April 23, 2010

Banquet night

Tonight was Holland christian high schools senior banquet night. Bill and i took Levi (Eth was taking a nap so we figured we'd be better off leaving him with grandpa than trying to get him in a costume and making him sit still.) to Centennial
park to take pictures of Joe and Jenna, Jake and Ellie. (Joe is Bill's brother and Jake is my brother). We managed to get a few snapshots of Levi by the tulips in the dutch costume my mom made for Jake when he was a baby! They all looked amazing! Jenna and Ellie were stunningly gorgeous!!!

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J*E*N*N*A*F*E*R W*Y*R*I*C*K said...

Aww Rach, thanks so much! I was so glad you could manage to get your little self over to the park ;)