Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Cold and slushy.
Things that make me happy:
Taking care of my family, seeing my boys play together nicely, family dinners, and coffee. kids afternoon nap time and a quiet house.
Books I'm reading:
Having a Mary heart in a martha world by Joanna Weaver, Same kind of different as me by Ron hall and denver moore-(which i highly recommend) my bible.
What's on my TV today:
On the Menu for dinner:
Leftover Chile, bread and probably some kind of salad
On my to-do list:
menu plan, grocery shop, and spend some quality time as a family tonight.
Recipe i want to try soon:
Vienna bread.
Dinners i make on a regular basis...maybe a little too regular...
Fajitas, pizza, enchilada's, parmesan chicken, Chicken cordon bleu. sandwiches.
Static hair? grab a dryer sheet and wipe your hair down, works PERFECT for me after using my straightener.
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