Saturday, January 22, 2011

My cleaning neccesities

Micro-fiber rags Baking soda is a nice abrasive for cleaning the sinks and shower, and it's CHEAP, pure and natural! (I also use it to get scuff marks off of walls and doors)
I bought this Simple green concentrate at Sam's for like 8 bucks and it lasts FOVEVER.
This stuff is awesome because its CHEAP, smells really good and safe to use around kids! We use it to clean pretty much everything...I have 3 squirt bottles that i keep around the house to clean everything from the kitchen counters to the shower, floors, furnature and whatever else i feel like! (it only takes less than an inch of concentrate and the rest of the bottle is water!) Side note: When Bill was in the marines they used this stuff to clean their rifles! Like i said. Safe and effective! As you can see i dropped this bottle and broke the nozzle off. Oh well i have like 5 more! hehe
This little guy is also pretty handy. I think i paid under 10 dollars for it and it came with 2 washable pads. I get the pad wet with warm water, wring it out and spray my cleaner (simple green) right on the pad, and i'm good to go!

Hope you enjoyed my favorite cleaning products, what are yours? Happy cleaning!

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