Tuesday, December 7, 2010

~*Christmas tree hunting*~

This is one of my favorite part of the holidays. Cutting down a tree and decorating it! Saturday we put on our snow gear and took off on our family adventure. Screw the fake tree in the box in the storage room. Let's go freeze our butts off and pay $25! No, I love the look and smell of the real deal. It is not christmas until your floor is covered in pine needles and tinsel! Not to mention the smell of fresh pine! A few things we learned this year. 1...Bring enough warm clothes for the kids on the tree finding journey. 2. Make sure everyone (including myself) uses the restroom before the hike!!! that was interesting to say the least. 3. Don't forget to take the tree off the top of the truck before driving into the garage. Luckily, We survived. And so did the tree!!!
Afterwards we went to Red Robin, our fav burger joint, and ate our FREE ((big huge greasy 90- million calorie)) birthday burgers. They were freaking awesome to say the least. sidenote: RR has the BEST campfire sauce! Have a blessed holiday season! :::

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shannon said...

haha, I like the #3 comment about what you learned...so funny. Glad you had a fun time with your fam! And welcome back to the blogging world too! :)