Thursday, September 9, 2010

Top ten highlights of summer 2010...

1. Levi turned 1 last month, He is walking and has two bottom teeth!

2. Ethan is done with training wheels!

3. We adopted a Yorkie puppy! Ethan named him "Jojo" (He is a little stinker so he fits in with our family) :)

4. Our grass has totally come in full and green.

5. Bill is graduating with his BA in computer science in December. He is on his last class! (thank you marine corps!)

6. Bill is officially out of the inactive reserves as of yesterday! (this just means they cannot call him back or deploy him. ) He is safe!

7. Witnessed 3 of my best friends tie the knot!

8. Took the boys to the zoo for the first time ever!

9. Biking with the boys to Holland state park and grand haven...bonus: both have "pronto pup")

10. My favorite part of the summer was spending time with bill and the boys. sunsets. bonfires. beach and the smell of sunscreen and bug spray.

I have to say, however, that i am ready for FALL! Pumpkins and mums! Apple picking and fresh apple pie. The smell of leaves burning and watching the leaves change color. I love it all!


Cara Maat said...

you are beautiful!!!

Amanda said...

miss you guys...lunch soon?