Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ethan's hospital stay and almost 25 weeks!

This weekend was quite the scare in the DeYoung family... Ethan was playing at centennial park this weekend, and fell off of a birm about 5 ft. onto cement, and we started getting really worried when he wasn't responding right away, and then slow very delayed reactions, so we rushed him the the ER in holland... they did a CAT scan on him (which he HATED) he was so scared! I think i would be too! It looks scary! After about a half hour, the doctor came in and told us she was concerned that she was seeing bleeding on Ethan's brain, and that they were going to put us on an ambulance to spectrom. I absoloutly lost it, we started praying! After about an hour, they hooked Ethan up to an IV just in case. About another hour later, (now this is about 11 pm) the dostor came back in, and told us that the neurologist and radiologist (and the lab in australia-that is where they send the CAT scans for more highly trained people to look at them). all agreed that there was no bleeding or bruising in Ethan's brain! but they decieded to keep him overnight at Holland just to observe him. PRAISE GOD. We were relieved and a little ticked at the doctor for scaring us before getting a second opinion. (you think they would!)
But anyway, Ethan is fine. That's all that matters! The experience made us really think about what really matters in life! And how fragile life is! ultimately our children are in the hands of our almighty father!

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The DeVries Family said...

Awww Rach how scary! Praise God he is ok!! I have never had that situation happen but I can only imagine how aweful that must have been. Thank goodness he is ok!