Thursday, May 28, 2009

4th aniversary date and 28 weeks!

Last night Bill took me on a date out to GR for our aniversary, we actually went to discount home improvement to look at cabinets because we had heard that they are alot cheaper, because you get them straight from the retailer. anyways, that was fun, i pretty much have them picked out color, style etc. Little early, but i want to have things picked out before i get too huge! Then we went to my fav resterant... besides crazy horse, Carraba's! I think my stomach is shrinking, because i used to be able to eat my own! We split a pasta dish, and i could only eat like a third of it! Today i went through Ethan's old infant clothes! I want to be ready, because with ethan my water broke at 27 weeks, and i had nothing! not even a crib! So this time i will be ready! Well. i am hungry, so i am going to go make some food! 28 weeks tomorrow!!!!!


The DeVries Family said...

someone is nesting already! :-)

Alex and Jen Dewitt said...

oh my gosh Rach. I seriously cant believe how big your belly is already! It's totally all baby and super adorable! I love it!!!!
Good to be prepared, we were prepared quite early with Lenah too, but it was nice because once u get too big u just dont want to do anything!!!