Sunday, April 12, 2009

This year we drove to florida with my mom, brothers Jake and Josh, and sister Rebekah! We drove 16 hours to Destin, where we stayed in some friends condo for the week. Ethan had a riot playing on the beach in the sand with his daddy and uncles! They made some awesome tunnels and cities! I am so tired i can barely type anymore, i will update my blog tomorrow with the BIG NEWS!!! Is baby DeYoung a girl OR boy???? tune in tomorrow!

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J*E*N*N*A*F*E*R W*Y*R*I*C*K said...

I"M SOOOOOO EXCITED!!! I hope your appointment goes well, my phone is dead, but send me a message on facebook or update this blog!! yea!! I think I might stop by after school to, if thats ok?