Thursday, April 30, 2009

DeYoung update

Here are two vidoes from this morning's dance class. The kids are practicing for their spring concert next weekend! The boys are wearing tux's and the girls are wearing ballerina tu tu outfits.( not sure what they are called. haha can you tell i don't have any girls! )
They are singing the "cupie cake" song. with motions, Ethan seems pretty distracted, he has an attention span of about 2 seconds and he is off! He is also getting pictures taken by Devries photography in his tux and as a group! I can't wait to see my little guy on stage!
Anyways, Levi is active as ever, and also HUNGRY as ever! My doctor told me i am having braxton hicks, just mild cramping every once in a while. mostly when i stand too long, or if i'm in a bad postition. It's so hard not to worry about what happened with Ethan, (my water broke at 27 weeks). My doctor is having me take 81 mg of childrens asprin every day, for some reason it helps calm the uterus. Just taking one day at a time, and trusting God's plan for Levi! Although we are definately praying that Levi stays put for a little longer than Ethan did!
In other news, Bill is getting his associates degree! He managed to do it in a year and a half and working full time! He is going for a BA in eather Computer security, programming and web design! He is so smart, i can't even begin to imagine how complicated that stuff is, but he loves it!

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The DeVries Family said...

Wow I totally forgot that you went in with Ethan that early. I will be praying little Levi stays put! who is your doctor again?