Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To my husband

In light of Valentines day i wanted to do a special blog post to my husband. He is amazing. to say the least. I want to share with you a poem that he wrote me a few years ago.

Take the red pill.
Step through the looking glass and down the hole.
You are leaving kansas when you walk in the door. Unlock the door the key is at hand
Only two keys exist in all the land.
One from a diamond the other, blood pierced hands
Two with access, You and He, to the deepest part of me
Look inside as you step past the sign
See the lighthouse;follow it to the haven inside
Between the trees the lighthouse sits
That is where the road begins
On the path i wait for you, upside down as i am sure you are
Hand extended reasy to guide through the twisty maze called my life
The trail twists through tunnels and hills
Forever hold this hand and guide you i will
Past paradise on the mountain top, waterfalls, palm trees, and a tiki hut
through the swoops and curvs and dips in the road
We come to the center, this is my world
Forever changing, giving, filled with stories untold
See the sun and moon joined together at the hip
Time suspended, moving fast on our crazy trip
Going in and out and all around with the love now in my life that i have found
Together forever we take the chance to stop and see
You were not the only one to use your key
Before you came, so did he, Bliding, swooping, and soaring, guiding me
He is soaring by, circling the sky, ready to swoop;forever in his eye
When troubles arise, we call on He and swooping down He picks up you and me
We soar together on high until the troubles below us die
Then diving down we all go, landing amidst the waves of the meadow
He returs to his post, ever watching he will be
As you coninue to walk my world with me.