Tuesday, July 14, 2009

today's accomplishment....

Braided sweet bread with raspberry filling and cinnamon crumble topping..... Simply Delectable. this picture is my second piece... one for me and one for Levi! LOL This morning mom and i made 8 loaves, 4 raspberry and 4 blueberry. My mom has been making bread ever sence i was little. She had a stone grinder, (now she has an electric one, she gave the stone grinder to me) and she would order grain from Canada. this grain is a 'soft white grain' that makes delicious bread. My mom and Bill's mom got together and my mom got bill's mom totally HOOKED on this bread. So she bought herself a "grain mill" and a Bosch mixer. (now this is no ordinary mixer. The Bosch mixer has the same motor capacity as a washing machine! It has to to be able to handle dough for 5 loaves at a time! The first time i turned on my mixer, my husband says "Now THAT is my kind of mixer" HAH a badass mixer if you will (: This is a family tradition in BOTH families now!! SO back to bread making... This bread is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. and let me tell you why.
1. Made with honey instead of sugar
2. Made with NO preservatives unlike storebought breads.
3. Made with fresh grain, not only does it taste better than flour, it is rich in vitamins and minerals and loaded with fiber! (natures broom!)
4. this particular recipe is made with Lemon zest, maple syrup and fresh berries, which are packed full of antioxidants!

mmm..... can you tell i am bored? haha (;


the driy's said...

mmmm... looks delicious!!

Alex and Jen Dewitt said...

yum. consider Alex and I putting in an order :)

Amanda said...

That looks amazing!!!!!!!!