Sunday, June 14, 2009

DeYoung family weekend adventure

This weekend at the cabin.... i feel like this is the start of 90% of all my blog posts! haha well anyways, we went on a 5 hour kayak trip down the "big" manistee river on saturday. totally a blast (accept for my legs cramping up) one of the little bonuses of being pregnant! Ethan had a blast squirting everyone with the "mega-blaster" daddy bought for him! Our friends Dan and Lindsey went along on our adventure too! It was a great day. When we got home we had a fire, deep-fried onion rings and cooked brats on the grill. (not just brats- "beer,cheddar and onion" brats from dublin). We put Ethan to bed, and Uncle Joe, they were pooped after a long day! so we all went out (mom, dad, dan, linds, bill and i) went for a midnight hike to a clearing in the middle of the state forest, and layed on a blanket to gaze upon the most stars i have EVER seen! we laughed so hard we were all crying! then we walked back to the cabin and went to bed! My pics are backwards, sorry! We stopped in Ludington and Pentwater on the way home. ( i wanted to go to my kitchen store "the bitchin' kitchen" lol)
Ethan getting ice cream:

family pic at Ludington:

Frying some onion rings...take a look at bill's face! HAHA

Our family:

Ethan having a beautiful.

love the manistee river..... and my baby!

So blessed. married to the love of my life.


grandpa grandma and ethan.

and yes i ran into the upcoming tree because i wan't paying attention (:

family pic

Daddy teaching ethan how to use the Mega-Blaster... moments before mommy got soaked!

again, blasting lessons (:

helping grandpa and uncle joe finish building the shed...

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