Friday, March 20, 2009

Potty training and 17 weeks!

Well, i decieded that Ethan is about ready to begin learning to use the toilet. I did exactly what the book "potty training in less than a day" instructed, and Ethan LOVED it! I bought him all kinds of goodies that he rarely gets, m&m's, chips, pop, etc. and i borrowed a "peeing" doll from a friend, and we began our "potty training day" first thing this morning. I started out putting his potty in the kitchen ( accidents are a little easier to clean up on the wood floor).
Ethan tought the dolly how to use the potty, which he thought was pretty cool! Dolly would actually pee in the pot! SO COOL. If dolly had an accident in her pants, she would not recieve a treat, but if she stayed dry Ethan would get to feed her a chip or candy! which i would let him eat if only if his underpants were dry....He now says YUCK diapers are for BABIES!!!! longest day of my life, but it paid off! Ethan went pee pee about 5 times, and pooped in the potty twice! I am absoloutly thrilled with him, and he is quite proud of himself too! He has this new found attitude that his is a "big boy" now so he must do absoloutly everything by himself!!! which takes FOREVER to do even the smallest things like put on his underwear or socks!
I cannot complain though, he did fabulous, so much better than i had anticipated!


The DeVries Family said...

Yay! Good for Ethan! That is great news. Unfortunatly I dont think Evan will be quite trained by the time the baby is here. I will probably start when he turns two. Good job tho! It sounds like it went really well!

Amanda said...

That is awesome! Way to go

Amy S said...

Great job Ethan! Mind if I borrow that book to use with Noah?